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12:00:00 AM

On days when my tummy's a bit bloated (which means I'm PMS-ing), wearing a Sabrina-neck top or dress makes me feel more confident. The cut allows me to flaunt my collarbone, and it makes my neck look longer. It also covers my pigeon chest, an abnormality I'm a bit conscious about.

This top is very flattering because it hugs me in all the right places. It makes my boobs look big and my waist seem small. It's a bit thick, though, so I usually wear this during the rainy season. With a pair of jeans for work, or with a skirt for dates. I bought this for Php40 from one of my four go-to stores in Guadalupe (click here for post with the store information).

And oh, did I mention that this is an original G2000 top? :)


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