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It's no secret that I love ukay-ukay. I mean, really - I've been religiously writing about my cheap finds and my favorite shops for almost a year now, so I think it should be pretty/painfully obvious. A lot of my friends actually share my enthusiasm for pre-loved finds, which is why my friend Anna Varona (photographer, writer, producer, TV host, hot momma, and superwoman) organized an ukay-ukay getaway this Saturday, led by me! :)

And she also sent me this video on Facebook, with the message: "We should do this when we go to UK UK!" I clicked play, and oh. My. God.

I spent the next half hour laughing! It's a video for "Thrift Shop," a song by American rapper Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis, in collaboration with Wanz. Okay, I do not know these people, and I have not heard of this song since it was released in 2012. And I'm not going to look up their other songs because I'm not really into rap. But this is a good one, and I'm loading it to my iPod for my next ukay-ukay trippy.

Watch it, and roll on the floor laughing, too! :)


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