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On normal days, my face is completely free of makeup and my hair is pulled back in a clean pony tail. I'm usually in jeans and a shirt, or a plain dress, which I pair with ballet flats. That's my default look because I'm really too lazy to make an effort to put on cosmetics or comb my hair out, and it's definitely not a good idea to go to work in uncomfortable shoes.

Every now and then, though, I don't mind getting dolled up. I just need a good excuse to do so. And the Magnum VIP Party was exactly that - a reason to go to the salon to get my hair and makeup done, to wear a nice dress, and to bear the excruciating pain of six-inch platform heels. Haha! But yeah, I was told that I looked nice, and now I'm totally considering getting a perm.
The tenants of Finance Cube 1, on the red carpet
L-R: Justine, moi, Shaine, and Oliver
I actually bought that dress from retailer People are People over a year ago because my roommate Pauline and her sister Khaela bugged me to get it. I really didn't want to buy it; I don't like going to parties so there was really no point. But I was newly-single at the time, so they argued that I should really go out more. I bought the dress, but because I still didn't go out much, it just stayed in my closet.

Until this year's Magnum Party, that is. I've put on a number of pounds since last year's event, so I actually had second thoughts about donning this dress. But I figured it was about time I took this baby out for a spin, and I think the weight filled the dress out quite nicely. The back was low-cut, so I had to be really conscious of my posture. For a night, I wasn't the Hunchback of Notre Dame; my back was straight.

Funny story: I actually had a semi-Jennifer Lawrence moment! While Shaine, Oliver, Justine and I were walking the red carpet, we were instructed by one of the production staff to pose for the cameras. Just as we were getting into position, my left heel hit Shaine's right heel, and because mine was higher and thinner, I was the one who lost balance. I would have fallen on my ass if it weren't for Justine. He caught me, and it didn't look too obvious. And luckily for me, there was no photographic evidence of this boo-boo.
Big-Ass Backyard Party
Azealia Banks a.k.a. Yung Rapunxel
Just like last year, the 2013 Magnum VIP Party totally rocked! This year, the event was held in a private residence in Forbes Park, one of the country's swankiest addresses. Selecta flew in Azealia Banks to perform at the event. Apparently, she's a rising star of hip-hop, and she shot to fame with her remix of Harlem Shake. I live under a rock so I don't really know her, and I don't know her songs, but she's a great performer and I enjoyed the show.
The Brand Ambassadors of Magnum Philippines
L-R: Rajo Laurel, Liz Uy, Georgina Wilson, Raymond Gutierrez, Solenn Heussaff, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Erwan Heussaff
But more than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the food! I had several plates of sumptuous cocktails catered by Cibo. I also had a couple of glasses of sangria, and some champagne. And of course, I helped myself to a Magnum! Two new flavors were launched that night - Chocolate Brownie, and Chocolate and Strawberry. I like the former, although I think I'll forever be loyal to Almond. :)
Dressed to impress
L-R: Justine, Oliver, Earl, Darene, Shaine, moi
Endnote: A couple of weeks after the party, I bumped into my friends Tine and Faye in Greenbelt. They were with this Indian chef from a high-end Makati hotel, and when we were introduced, he asked if I were at the Magnum Party because he recognized me. There were hundreds of people there, so yes, I felt a little giddy about being remembered by a complete stranger.


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