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I used to give swimming lessons to my friend Hannah every Saturday at PhilSports Arena (formerly ULTRA). After one of our sessions, we were both so hungry that we decided to drive to the Diliman Campus of the University of the Philippines for some good old (uber famous) Rodic's tapa.

Come on in!
It's not really my first time to enjoy a plate of Rodic's super famous tapa. I did go to Ateneo, which is a five-minute jeepney ride (or a 13-minute jog) from UP, so I have tried it before. I can't remember who bought it for me, but I do remember eating it inside the ANI Room.
Truth be told, the restaurant itself is nothing special. It's your average carinderia. But they serve great food at student-friendly prices, and that's what made Rodic's a success. It's been around since 1949 - few other establishments have that kind of staying power! Rodic's has gotten so big that it even got featured in one of the country's top broadsheets, Philippine Daily Inquirer, as well as in Starweek, the Sunday Magazine of The Philippine Star.
Uber famous
Seven years has passed since I first tried Rodic's tapa, so I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I even let myself imagine that I was back in college, leaving Ateneo for a nice and cheap home-cooked meal in neighboring UP. Perhaps Hannah and I could go back there one of these days, after a nice, long run inside the campus. :)


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