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It started with Makati Shangri-La Hotel; a friend invited me for a sleepover, followed by a power breakfast at Circles. A week later, I found myself checked in at the newly-opened Crimson Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa, for the 2013 Condura Skyway Marathon. And after another week, I was billeted at the Manila Marriott Hotel for the 2013 Selecta National Sales Conference.
KO and Oliver are temporary tenants
Porno bathroom!
I can't afford this. 
Morning after the slumber party
Like a boss
Last year's event was in Pico de Loro Cove of Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas, and although I enjoyed that very much, I actually didn't mind that they decided to hold this year's SalesCon in the city, because I was actually not in the mood to go out of town. At first I wasn't sure if I were included in the list of people to be housed in the hotel since I lived nearby. But as I'm expected to be present at all times in case my boss needed help with anything, they gave me a room, too, which I shared with Shaine, Alex, and Danna. 
Roommates! L-R: Shaine, Alex, and Danna
At the ACE Awards with Ana, B-Jan, and Chari
My favorite guest - Luckie! :)
Although the SalesCon is technically about work, I had a lot of fun there because I'm not part of the team that put it together (they were the ones who were stressed). The morning of Day 1 was the SalesCon proper, which was capped off by an amazing performance from Pinoy rock icon Bamboo Manalac. That evening, during the ACE Awards, The Bloomfields serenaded us with the classic tunes we love!
Pinoy ako!
Ate, nasa langit na ba ako?
But my overnight stay at the Manila Marriott Hotel had two major highlights. First, the bathroom had a really nice tub, so I had a really, really good bath. Since we sold our Bulacan home in 2008, I haven't had the chance to just sit in the tub filled with warm water and bath salts, and read a book. I had idle time in the afternoon, so I decided to make the most of the facilities. In this photo, I was reading Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass
The Good Life
And no hotel experience would be complete without the breakfast buffet. After a night of four tall screwdrivers (Grey Goose vodka and orange juice) capped off with two bottles of San Miguel beer, I had a mild hangover, which was cured by going wild on the buffet. I had a taste of almost everything they had to offer - from cereals to bacon to eggs to rice to chicken to vegetables to infinity and beyond. 
Hangover cure
The best part about this three-week hotel streak is that everything is absolutely free! Whoever said that 'the best things in life are free' really knows what he's talking about!


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