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I briefly worked in the Makati Central Business District, but during that time, I didn't really get to enjoy what the city had to offer because I was miserable at the job. Don't get me wrong, I love my Plantersbank friends, and we even keep tabs to this day. I just didn't like what I was doing, and I also didn't like commuting from Antipolo to Makati and back every single day.

So I said goodbye to the job. I thought I was saying goodbye to Makati for the third time in my life (first was in the third grade, when my mother moved the family to Bulacan, and second was when I moved from Makati to Antipolo after my mother's death), but a lot of things kept me coming back. And since it was no longer for work, I actually got to enjoy the city more. I went there to have fun, to see people, to run, to eat, drink, and be merry.

What I appreciate about Makati is the healthy balance between work and fun, commerce and night life, nature and man-made structures. One of my favorite places here is Washington Sycip Park in Legaspi Village. I was in Makati to go drinking, but Cyrano was still closed because I arrived a bit too early. So I decided to walk around, and my feet brought me there.

Entrance along Legaspi St.
This isn't my first time in Washington Sycip Park; I've actually been here several times before, but only to pass through. I've never had the chance to really go there to stay, to walk around aimlessly, to sit, to look around, to enjoy, to wallow. So in a way, that evening was my first time to really be in the park.

I sat on one of the park benches and observed the people passing by. An old lady with the kind face, taking painfully slow steps to get to the park gate. Two ladies in their early 20s, walking unhurriedly, one sharing details of her lovelife as the other listened and occasionally nodded. I do hope that the guy she was talking about finally got his act together; she deserves better.
The path
I walked around and I saw a couple sitting on one of the benches close to the lamp post. They were about a few inches apart, both facing front, and I could sense a certain awkwardness from their body language. I think they were still in the early flirting stage of their relationship. The girl had a certain glow about her underneath the shy smile, while the guy seemed sincere albeit a little tentative.
Bridge over peaceful water
Crossed the bridge when I got there
I kept walking and I stopped in the middle of a short bridge over a small pond. The dark, still water was a perfect mirror for the light from the lamp post. I took a photo of it, but the resolution of my phone camera was just too low that I just wasn't able to capture what I saw, exactly. What I did get is a heavily blurred image that made the light from the lamp posts look like stars. I couldn't decide which was more beautiful - what I saw with my eyes, or what my camera was able to capture digitally.
The one thing I always wish for.
On the other of the park, I saw a wishing stone. It's a flat rock with a small crevice filled with water, which you can use to write your wish on the surface. I dipped my index finger in the water and doodled happiness. What else is there to wish for? :)


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