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Call me a hipster, but I've always had a thing for tea. Back in college, I'd boil several teabags of Lipton Yellow Label, load it with a lot of Splenda, let it cool, and drink it like freakin' water. When I started working, I'd have tea nights with my friend and roommate Pauline.

But since we're earning money now, we've gone beyond regular supermarket tea. We've traded that in for the more English sort. Haha! But seriously, we ditched Yellow Label teabags for the loose-leaf variety, and we try to have tea nights at least once a week in our condo.

If it's not wine and cheese, it's tea and cheese!
I started drinking tea without really knowing the health benefits, so I was unwittingly drinking to my health with each cup! Just like coffee, tea is rich in anti-oxidants that greatly help slow down the ageing process. Oolong, specifically, also helps in weight management.

More than that, I learned that tea can help bring down cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of tumors, bladder ailments, and even lethargy (the last is probably because of the caffeine content). Although the studies are quite conflicting, it has been said that tea also has cancer-fighting properties. Bottom line, tea consumed in moderation has great effects for your overall health.
A wide variety, yay!
Pauline's friend, Andria, gave her a truckload of all the good stuff from Dubai for her birthday, and we've been consuming it little by little ever since. My favorite would have to be the fruit infusion, primarily because it has no bitter aftertaste. A close second is Japanese green tea, which is a bit expensive but definitely worth every penny.


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