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If Dorothy Boyd had Jerry Maguire at hello, then Mishka Adams had me at her first album, when I borrowed my friend Mathew's copy of God Bless the Child. Jazz is dominated by women with strong and powerful voices, so Mishka's soft and calming voice is a breath of fresh air to the genre.

Made me love jazz
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The album, produced by global jazz magnate Candid Records, is a good mix of originals and covers. Of the former, my favorite track would have to be Where Do We Begin, which was actually the single that launched the half-Pinay, half-Brit stunner as a legitimate artist.

From the covers, I really loved her rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. On top of the vocals, I really loved the arrangement, which evokes in the listener a wildly appropriate ethereal feel to the well-loved song.
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I got to watch her live once at Bonifacio High Street, where the Philippine International Jazz Festival was staged a few years back. She played some of her songs, and she also jammed with the late great jazz guitarist Edgar "Koyang" Avenir, whom Mishka claims is one of her mentors.

Jazz is not an easy genre to digest, but Mishka makes it a little more accessible to the common folk. I was a jazz newbie at the time I got to listen to God Bless the Child (actually, to this day I still consider myself a noob), and I was not intimidated by her music. In fact, I fell in love with jazz even more because of her.


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