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If there's one thing I really, really miss about my last relationship, it's the music. Marvie and I had a lot of differences, but music is what really glued us together. I learned how to play the bass guitar so we could jam (I'd be his back-up). And whenever we had time, we'd watch gigs of our favorite acts, Razorback being on top of our list.

I haven't gone to any one of their gigs since the breakup, primarily because I don't really have anyone to go with. Before Marvie, I'd always go with the rest of Familiar, but we've gone our separate ways already and we don't really have much contact. Except of course, for Gershwin, but he's a family guy now so I don't really expect him to choose this over time with his wife and kids.

With Tirso Ripoll! BADASS
My other college friends are married, or are new parents, or are busy with their high-profile jobs, or are no longer in the country. People from work don't really like the same music I listen to; most of them don't even know Razorback or Wolfgang or Indio I (they're either too young or too old). They've never even heard of Wunjo! So I don't really have a lot of people to drag with me when I want to go.

For the record, I don't have qualms about doing things on my own. I actually prefer it. I flew to Dumaguete by myself last summer. I can eat at a restaurant by myself. I can shop by myself. I can watch a movie by myself. But watching gigs is where I cross the line. For starters, it's nice to enjoy music with people you know.

In addition, it's not exactly safe for a girl to go to bars alone. I may be crazy, but I wouldn't deliberately put myself in harm's way. Given my love for drinking, it's never a good idea for me to be alone at a place where I can have as much alcohol as I can afford. Getting home might be a problem.

There's Mondays with Lee Grane and Wednesdays with Nino Alejandro in Cyrano, but being a budding bassist, I really like the full-band set-up better. I like grooving to the bass guitar. And I generally appreciate music made by more than one person; it's the collaboration that makes things more interesting for me.

So I guess I'll just have to settle for YouTube for now. But if there's going to be a Wunjo reunion gig and none of my friends want to go, screw safety! I'm totally going! I just hope I have enough willpower to stay away from beer and screwdrivers, haha!


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