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Everyone has that one go-to song for an instant lift to get you out of the afternoon slump, and Morcheeba's Rome Wasn't Built In A Day is mine. I first heard this song when I was in the second grade, when the video was shown on Channel V. But since they're not exactly a mainstream act, I couldn't find their album anywhere. So for a while, I just patiently waited for the video to be aired, and each time it did, I'd dance to it.

Fast forward to fifteen years later, I was inside The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Eastwood City when my left foot started tapping involuntarily. It was as if my body remembered the beat better than my ears did. It was only when we got to the chorus that I realized it was Rome Wasn't Built In A Day, and I totally flipped out! I asked for the shop's WiFi password just so I could download the song from the internet. And this song has been a staple on my iPod ever since.

Trip hop
I'll admit that I don't know any other song by Morcheeba, and I never really bothered to research. This is all I know, and it's enough for me because it's absolutely divine. Everything about this song is perfect. Vocalist Skye Edwards is a goddess of soul; her voice is both incredibly soothing and uplifting at the same time. I appreciate the horn section because it perfectly complemented the groovy basslines and funky beats.

A few weeks ago, I posted the video on my Google Plus page, and my friend, Maan, fell in love with it, too! She first heard it then, and it's become her staple afternoon chill song. She even said she shamelessly sings this in the office! Haha! As for me, I love listening to this when I'm walking in the park. I can't control the impulse to start singing and dancing when I hear this. The song just puts me in the zone!

Click here for the link to the video on YouTube. :)


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