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I've been writing since I was young, and I will admit that my first attempts at songwriting were quite embarrassing. My brother used to tease me all the time because my songs were so silly, and I'm glad that I destroyed all evidence of my early works. I stopped trying for a while, but when I got to college, I decided to give it another shot.

Ateneo was conducive to the creative process, which is why I really loved my four years there. I previously talked about being a musical nomad, collaborating with whoever wanted to do so, and one of the people I most enjoyed working with was Myke Limin. Or Kuya Myke, as I fondly called him.

He's wearing my shirt. ANI Room Days.
We were orgmates in Alay Ni Ignacio (ANI), a summer instructional program for public high school kids in the Marikina and Quezon City area. We were both volunteer teachers. We spent a lot of time hanging out in the ANI Room, which was housed in Colayco Hall. That building's long gone; it was torn down to make room for the Manny V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership. Sniff.

But we made great memories in the ANI Room. Aside from memories, we also made great music there, mostly covers we made our own. We did, however, make one song. Well, two, technically, but we used one melody and just changed the lyrics to make another version. The first one was called A Song for Tina, which is literally that - a song for our friend, Tina.

The second one was called Under the Sky, and the lyrics were about a guy I used to date. He's quite the player, and in hindsight, I realize that I dodged a bullet. The lyrics were brimming with teen angst, but the melody was actually quite nice and sweet. How very Taylor Swift of me, right? Haha! Below is the chorus:

We were under the sky
Lucy and her diamonds shining too damn bright
As we made love on that warm summer night

I performed this song with Passing Hour, my friend Chuck's band, and it became quite a hit among those who, like me, got screwed over by the guys they liked. It was then that I learned that people respond more to songs laced with profanity. Below are the last two lines:

I'll crush your fucking dreams
Take from you what you took from me

I actually don't have a recording of this song, nor do I have all the lyrics. If anyone from college made a copy of this and released it, I'm certain that I will die of shame if I get credited. But at the time, writing this was the right thing to do. It got me started on songwriting again, which is how I ended up writing Kape.

P.S. I know I'll never write a song like Under the Sky ever again because I'm more mature now; I have a different (and better, I must say) way to handle pain.

P.P.S. I didn't write about my last boyfriend. But if I ever do, I know that it will be a kinder song because we parted in good terms.


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