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I'm embarrassed about this fact, but I was a cheerleader during my first two years in high school. In the dance department, I think that there's no one more untalented than I am, not in school, not in the universe. My mother would often tell me that God gave me a voice to sing because I had to spare the world of the agony of seeing me dance.

But I was an extremely driven kid, so I insisted on giving it a shot. And I made it to the squad! The uniforms were made from cheap, awful satin, but I liked the short skirt because it showed my legs off. My torso's very short so I try to hide it, but my legs are a different story so I show them off when it's appropriate. Haha! So when I saw this skirt, I had to get it:

It looks better when pressed, and worn. Apologies.
Okay, so it's not nearly as short as the one I donned during my cheerleader days. I've worn this to the office twice since I bought it, and I wasn't slapped with a memo on appropriate work attire. But the pleats brought me back to those days when I was still waving pompoms at people's faces. 

I bought this for Php40 from an ukay-ukay shop in Masinag (click here for the post with the store information).


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