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A safe way to shop online

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I'm not very comfortable with online shopping. With the exception of plane tickets, I've never really purchased anything from a website through my credit cards. I'm one of those old school people who prefer to walk into shops, browse through the selections, bring my picks to the counter, and pay up.

Another reason why I don't like online shopping is I'm a bit paranoid about card fraud. I was almost a victim once - someone from somewhere in the world tried to charge a purchase to my credit cards. I don't understand how or why it happened, but I'm grateful that my bank took quick action by canceling the transaction and replacing my card.

Times are changing, though, and even I have to admit that online shopping is extremely convenient. But since I got traumatized with using a credit card (which has a big credit limit), I've shifted to using a special debit card - the Western Union Gold Prepaid Card. I recently got myself one, mainly to receive remittances from my relatives abroad. But with it, I've also indulged in a little online shopping.

This infographic pretty much says it all. :)
(image courtesy of Western Union Philippines)
My relatives usually send me money to make payments on their behalf. When they do, I just leave the amount I need to make an online purchase in the card and withdraw the rest (I replace the same amount with my own money, of course). The good thing about the card is that there's no maintaining balance, unlike other debit cards that are tied to a bank account.
It's easy as 1-2-3-4
(image courtesy of Western Union Philippines)
When the card doesn't have funds from abroad, I just reload the card and use it to purchase. Each reload has a service fee of Php20, which for me is a very small price to pay for my peace of mind.  In the same way that I won't use a credit card to transact online, I also won't use a debit card that has all of my savings, so the Western Union Gold Prepaid Card is definitely a good option for me.


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