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I don't eat spicy foods. I have an embarrassingly low tolerance for the stuff, and I will admit that I'm envious of people who can eat anything with hot sauce in it. What most people consider mildly hot is enough to make me blush. A little hotter would be enough to send me running for water like there was an actual fire in my mouth.

When I went to Thailand for business in 2009, I had a hard time looking for food after breakfast because almost everything there is laced with chili peppers and saffron. Even their tamarind is spicy! I ended up eating in McDonald's most of the time. (This means I probably should bring an entire suitcase of chips and instant noodles if I ever go to Bicol.)

So when Peter the Scotsman from Scotland said that he's cooking chili for Cyrano friends, I must admit I was more worried than excited about the prospect. I was excited about trying chili for the first time in my life; I've seen it on television and it looked delicious. But I was worried that it might be too hot for me.

Quietly brewing
And it was.

After two spoonfuls of the stuff, I had to drink a tall glass of cold water to appease the burning sensation in my mouth. After a couple more, I had another tall glass of water and a menthol cigarette. And after the last, I begged Feona, the barkeep, to give me a spoonful of sugar.  That's when I stopped eating and just opted for wine for the rest of the evening.
Which is a shame, because the chili was actually very good. It's something I'd eat at home on a cold, rainy evening with a bottle of beer. If I could just take the heat, I would have had more. Peter made eight liters for sharing with everyone who was at the shop that evening, and the guests really enjoyed it. Some even had two servings.

The most basic ingredients of chili (or chili con carne) are chili peppers, beef, beans, onions, and garlic, but Peter told me that through the years, he learned to tweak the dish by adding spices like tumeric, and even coffee.
Cyrano Friends :)
At the end of the evening, Peter asked everyone to pose for a photo for my blog, because I promised him I'd write about his chili. Not sure if I did it any justice; I'm not a foodie, so I'm not really equipped to write about it. (Sorry Peter! I tried!)

There were people, myself included, who brought some home. I brought three containers, two of which I gave to good friends who didn't make it to Cyrano that evening. It took me a while to finish the contents of my container, as I could only consume it in small amounts. But the fact that I forced myself to eat it is a testament to how delicious it was.


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