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Although I only stayed in Plantersbank for about four months, I've grown quite attached to the friends I made there. So whenever I find myself in Makati, I always try to swing by their office for some chit-chat. On one of my visits, I met a lady named Vina in the smoking area. She doesn't work for the bank; she's actually a client. I was quietly finishing my cigarette when she walked up to me, introduced herself as some sort of a clairvoyant, and politely asked if she could give me a reading.

Not her, but close enough
(photo from the internet)
I don't really believe in fortune telling, but I didn't have the heart to just shoot her down when she asked so nicely. So I said yes, and she started talking. Vina told me that she doesn't do reading for money, and that she doesn't do it for everybody. But she said she liked me because I was strong, transparent, and quite easy to talk to, which is why she offered. I thanked her, and then I listened on. I made sure to not to agree or disagree with anything she said, because someone once told me that the fake ones just read the signals that you give. The things she said kind of freaked me out.

She looked at my palms and she asked whether I was either married, or if I almost married someone before. She pointed out that my marriage line was broken, so I told her the latter was the case. I guess calling off the engagement is that break in the line, so I should be fine. She went on to say that I should date a foreigner, because I was too strong for a Filipino guy. It was really heard to hear her say that because my friend Jerry has been telling me the exact same thing.

Without any verbal or non-verbal cues from me, I was really amazed at how much she picked up. I'm not going to share too many details about how she described me. I don't actually agree with some of the things she said even if other people have told me the same things before. She was too generous with her compliments and that made me feel a little uncomfortable. I will admit that those things were very nice to hear, but I'll just keep them to myself.

For the record, I still don't believe in these things, but when I try to remember what she said to me, I get goosebumps. It was a very interesting, surprising encounter I'm probably not going to forget anytime soon. . 


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