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Although I have small, infrequent moments when I randomly decide to make an effort to look pretty, I am definitely NOT vain. Not that there's anything wrong with fixing yourself up - I actually admire people who have the energy for it, especially because I'm just too lazy. So lazy, in fact, that sometimes, I leave the house without combing my hair. 

That being said, I obviously do not have the discipline to fix my eyebrows. A very kikay friend of mine noticed that my eyebrows reminded her of Anne Hathaway's in The Princess Diaries prior to the makeover. She told me to try going to Benefit in Greenbelt 5 for waxing, but me being me, I kept putting it off even though I was actually in Makati almost every other night. 

But one day, I saw a Facebook post from my friend Tasha, who works as a manager at Benefit, inviting people to go to their shop for a limited promotion on their brow waxing services. On a whim, I decided to swing by. It was one of the best beauty decisions I've ever made in my life!
The makeup store I'm not afraid to waltz into
I actually haven't seen Tasha since college graduation, so the brow waxing session lasted longer than usual because we had a lot of catching up to do. And we didn't even finish there - we had dinner and drinks at The Plantation after just to keep up to speed with each other's lives! Haha!

Back to the brow waxing part: I expected the experience to be painful, so I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. They use a special kind of hot wax, so the pores open up a bit, which reduces the pain of the pull. And whatever pain I felt was worth it, because the end result was an instant makeover. Well-groomed brows can really lighten up one's face significantly.
I had brow waxing done. :)
Aside from brows, Benefit offers other waxing services, as well. I have yet to try the others, though. Since switching jobs, I really don't have as much time in my hands as I used to. But if the results of my eyebrow waxing are any indication, I'm certain I could expect the same great results for the other services.
The place, and everything in it, is just so cute and pretty!
Benefit is a makeup brand from San Francisco. Their products are easy to use, which is perfect for non-kikay people like myself. They even come with idiot-proof instructions - they tell you exactly where to apply, how much and how to apply. My favorite is Porefessional, a cream that instantly makes pores look smaller! I bought a tube a couple of weeks after my first visit.
The Greenbelt 5 Team
More than the products, though, it's the experience that makes me want to keep coming back to the store. I won't name brands, but sometimes, I find it intimidating to walk into makeup stores because I feel that the sales people try to size me up on how much I can afford to spend there. I didn't get that vibe at all when I walked into Benefit with my unkempt brows and my 100% makeup-free face. Everyone was warm and ready to help, and I really appreciate that. :)


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