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I will be the first to tell you (and my friends will agree with me) that I am absolutely NOT a techie person. I'm the type who would call the IT Department for help at the very first sign of trouble - I wouldn't even try to fix the problem myself. That being said, I am not the person who gets excited about news of fresh gadgets available in the market.

But less than a month ago, I had the privilege of singing and doing voice over work at Technocirque, a two-part event hosted by Lenovo and Microsoft, and mounted by the beautiful creative geniuses of Beyond Events. JM, Mark, Wills, Evoy, Davie, Ahpaul, and the rest of the team - Technocirque was awesome! Great job, folks! 
All the world's a stage...
And all men are merely players. 
DJ Travis for the after-party!
Anyway, the afternoon leg was a workshop of sorts for Lenovo resellers, and while I was in the tech booth, I listened intently to the speakers because I had to make sure I don't miss my cue for the voice over. And I was really surprised at how excited I got with what I heard, considering that it was about the latest in laptops. 
Ron Flores of Lenovo Philippines
Ron Flores of Lenovo was first to take the stage, and he presented their new product line. I was particularly impressed by the IdeaPad Yoga - so impressed that I've actually asked my boss, Leah, to get me one as a replacement for the old computer that the company issued me. It's a slim and lightweight tablet PC, so it's absolutely perfect for me because I'm suffering from mild scoliosis, and carrying around heavy things won't help my condition.
Eufer Pasion of Microsoft Philippines
Eufer Pasion of Microsoft presented after Ron, and he talked about Windows 8 OS. For the longest time, I've been an XP user, and during my last few months in Unilever, I got bumped up to 7. Windows 8 is at a different level altogether so I was initially intimidated, but when he demonstrated its functionalities, I knew that I wouldn't have a hard time using it.  

For the record, I don't think I'm turning into a techie person. I still rely heavily on my Moleskine Planner and multi-colored pens to get me through the day, and I don't think that will ever change. But I do acknowledge that technology can really boost one's productivity, and in the same way that I can't live without pen and paper, I also can't live without a computer. 
Now I know what it's like to lust for a gadget!
So I guess it's a matter of finding the right tools that fit your needs. I got the chance try the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga with the Windows 8 OS when I visited JM a week after the event. I didn't think it was possible, but I got even more convinced that that was the computer I wanted. It was fast and reliable, it had all the functionalities that I needed, and as a plus, it was aesthetically pleasing. I really hope I get one for work! :)
She's even prettier in person, I promise! And she's super duper nice, too! :)
Vicky Agorrilla of Lenovo Philippines
In the evening part of the program, which was hosted by the stunning Menchu Antigua-Macapgal of Solar News Network, Vicky Agorrilla of Lenovo talked about how the company has grown in the Philippines over the years. I guess the figures prove that it's a reliable brand, which is another reason why I'm really inclined to get a unit for work. And maybe, later this year when I get my backpay from Selecta, I just might get one for personal use! :)


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