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Last Tuesday, I wrote about how Enercal has helped me stay healthy despite my generally unhealthy lifestyle. My stash was about to run out then, so just yesterday, I went to the drugstore to buy more - a can, this time. To my surprise, my purchase came with a really nice notebook. (Notebooks are among the nicest gifts any writer could receive, and I squealed like a schoolgirl when I got it!)

The cover of the notebook I got was painted by talented young artist Marco Flores. It is an image of a mother and her son, and I think it's really beautiful. I checked the other cans, and there were two more designs painted by other equally gifted young artists Antonio Tordesillas and Allie Arroyo. My friend Ava has all three notebooks already, because she was invited to the event that launched the promo.

The kid behind my cute notebook!
(photo from the internet)
From her blog post, I learned that the limited edition notebooks are for the Nurture.Inspire.Give campaign of Wyeth Philippines and Synergeia Foundation. They will be giving away the same notebooks to less fortunate schoolchildren all over the Philippines, the number of which will be determined by the number of people who register to the SMS promo. When you buy select Wyeth products, you not only get one of the notebooks, you'll also get a scratch card that contains a promo code that you can use to join the promo.

I've never been lucky with promos so I don't even try to send in entries, but I just had to make an exception. During my college years, I signed up to be a volunteer teacher for Alay Ni Ignacio, a summer instructional program for public high school students in Quezon City and Marikina. My students were what you'd consider underprivileged, so I have a special appreciation for projects that champion education for all.

It's really nice to know when the companies whose products you patronize are generous enough to give back to society. And it's also nice to know that just by drinking my way to health, I'm able to help a child, one notebook at a time.


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