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A number of people have asked me why I pay to join running events when I could get the same workout on my own for free. Since I like running outdoors, safety is a huge consideration. I appreciate running events because I know that part of the fee goes to precautions that ensure my safety - hydration stations, traffic marshals, and a medical emergency response team. 

I don't really run to win - I run to finish. That doesn't mean I'm not competing when I join running events, because I am. But the only person I am competing with is myself. I love the positive energy during running events; being surrounded by people really has its way of motivating me. And I really appreciate the people who cheer on the runners. 
I love pink! :)
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Aside from those reasons, I love running events because of the singlets! I'm very fond of wearing singlets from my previous races when I train because they're all very light and comfortable. I'm getting the pink one for adidas King of the Road (KOTR), and I'm really excited to wear it! I'm all in for the Philippines! :)
(photo from the internet)
When choosing running events, I almost always sign up for those that give out medals to finishers, not just winners. It's nice to have a small reminder of the distance that I conquered on foot. So far, I have two medals, both from the Condura Skyway Marathon - one for 5K, and another for 10K. I'm looking forward to getting one for 16.8K. 

I have less than a month to get ready for adidas KOTR, and I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't been preparing as much as I should (Peter will get mad at me!). I know this is not an excuse, but I've just been really busy with my day job and a number of side projects. Plus, I've been sick for a while now (nasal congestion), so I'm not exactly in shape to start training. 

To compensate, I've been taking vitamin and mineral supplements, and I've also been trying to eat healthier. But I'm fully aware that nothing can take the place of running and strength training in preparing me for the adidas KOTR, especially since I'm joining the 16.8K category. I'm going to push myself in the coming weeks, so wish me luck!


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