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I went to Rockwell Power Plant Mall last Saturday to window-shop for the next pair of rubber shoes I'm going to save up for. Right now, I only have one pair, so I could really use an alternate. I walked into adidas and immediately headed over to the women's running section. But before I even got there, something else caught my eye: the electric blue and yellow Nitrocharge. And I really, really want a pair.

But the thing is, I don't play football. Or soccer, as Americans call it. I don't even watch games. I don't even know a single player except for David Beckham, and the only reason I know him is because he's hot and he's married to Posh Spice. I have a very basic understanding of the sport, but beyond that, I never really got to explore it. My mother was very particular about keeping my legs scar-free (she didn't quite succeed, haha!), so she disapproved of all my other sporting interests except for swimming
The kiddie version is just ADORABLE
And to be honest, I still don't want to play football. I just really like the shoes! I asked the sales rep at Adidas if they had a lady version of Nitrocharge, but she told me there was none. But I still want a pair because it's just so awesome! She told me that the shoes can actually improve one's game, which is why a number of world-class footballers have switched to it when it came out. 

The core innovation behind Nitrocharge is energy retention. Although I don't play football, I have an appreciation for that from running. You see, when I ran in the stadium in Dumaguete, the soft carpeting allowed me to conquer more laps because a part of the energy I exerted at each step bounced right back at me. 

I'm still not taking up football anytime soon. But I could probably use these shoes for something else - I'm going trekking with my friend Diane one of these days, and I think that the Nitrocharge will help me conquer Mt. Pulag. That, or I'm just looking for an excuse to buy them. Haha!


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