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A few months back, I shared with my readers the unorthodox weight loss tip of thinking your way to getting thin. Skeptics might think that it's a truckload of crap, but I beg to differ. That method only works if you believe that it will , just as my next piece of advice will only make you healthier if you believe that it will. I'm telling you to loosen up.

Go crazy, it's fun!
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I know what you're thinking: what does that have to do with health? Let me tell you now that it has everything to do with being healthy! It's one thing to follow a strict diet plan and/or exercise regimen. Yes, those two things can definitely make you a healthy person. But what will make you a healthier person is loosening up, and I don't mean stretching your muscles before a workout.

When I tell you to loosen up, I'm telling you to lose control.

Just to be clear, I'm not telling you to engage in self-destructive activities. I'm not giving you license for bad behavior. Loosening up could be as simple as sitting on a park bench for twenty minutes, watching people walk by, listening to birds chirping, without thinking about your work and your other responsibilities. Or dancing a la Ally McBeal while doing your chores. Or suddenly deciding to go to the beach by yourself.

You might think I'm crazy for making the connection. Well, I am crazy, but hear me out. I am OC, so that makes me a control freak and a borderline frigid bitch. My closest friends will tell you that, so I won't even try to deny it. But every now and then, I let myself lose control. I deviate from plans and I let myself be spontaneous. I let go of the irrational need to be on top of everything, and in doing so, I let go of other things as well.

These 'other things' are my fears, my frustrations, and to some extent, my pains. When you let these things go, you'll feel lighter. When you feel lighter, you feel happier. And when you feel happier, you become healthier. I really believe that happiness is a key factor to your health, because your thoughts affect you physically as well as emotionally.

So loosen up, have fun, and be happy. You owe it to yourself.


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