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Back in college, I was in band rehearsal studios almost every week with Familiar, the band that I used to manage. We tried to practice for about four hours each week to get better at the existing repertoire, and to learn new songs as well. Our usual spot was Black Gulaman in Sta. Mesa, owned by my friend Mike Bewer. Sometimes, we'd be in this small studio in Brookside Village in Cainta. 
One of two studios
(photo from the internet)
It's a shame we didn't discover Pinoy Penguin Band Rehearsal Studios until after the group disbanded. They did get to do a practice session there once after the split, but I guess Familiar's run is just really over. But they had a good time there, not just because they finally got to see each other again after several years, but also because the studio had good, reliable equipment. Owner Randy Maghari (who's a dentist by day) maintains them well.
But since I wasn't part of the band in a musical capacity, I spent my time in the receiving/waiting area. I also appreciated that there were lots of reading materials that kept me entertained while I waited for the band. And the little details were just really amusing. There was a pair of slippers glued to the ceiling! Randy told me he initially wanted a full living room set on the ceiling, but he was worried that someone could get hurt if the furniture falls. So he played it safe and just went for the slippers.
On one corner of the bulletin board, I found the sticker pictured above. It's a political re-hash of the iconic cover art of The Beatles' Let It Be. John, Paul, George, and Ringo's faces were swapped with that of then-Vice Presidential candidate (now Philippine Vice President) Jejomar Binay. I don't vote, and I'm admittedly not that politically aware, but I just had to take a photo of it! Whoever did that was a genius. Or had a lot of free time. Or both.

If I ever do sing with a full band again, I'll definitely choose this place for practice. I actually got to rehearse here once with Gershwin. He wanted to form a new band, and he tapped me to sing for them. Dan and Dawn were supposed to join us, but they had to back out at the last minute, and since we were already there, we went ahead and jammed a little. It was a good session, and I really enjoyed it. Made me long for the days when I actually got paid to sing at gigs with my high school band.

P.S. Did I mention that the powder room is CLEAN? Few studios have a powder room. And those that do, well, they're not exactly OC-friendly.


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