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If there's one thing I love about the internet, it's that it allows me to get in touch with a lot of people from all over the world, whether they're friends or relatives, or even total strangers who share the same interests. Among these strangers is American musician, singer, and songwriter Jake O'Neal.

In action.
(photo courtesy of Jake O'Neal)
It started when he followed me on Twitter. I guess my account popped up in his radar because I write about music every Wednesday, and I share my posts on Twitter with hashtags. Anyway, when I saw that he followed me, I immediately checked his page, and I found a link to his website. Out of curiosity, I kept clicking. I like being on the lookout for indie artists.
(photo courtesy of Jake O'Neal)
Jake is from Boulder, Colorado. He got into music at a very young age, because of the influence of his father. Although he's an engineer by education, he decided to pursue music full-time after getting his degree. He's a solo artist, but he is also currently part of two groups. One is Summa, a duo with his friend, Max Grossman, producer and multi-instrumentalist. The other is Intuit, a five-piece funk-reggae-soul ensemble.

He recorded his three-track EP late this year, which includes original songs Out of Sight, One Way, and She Burns. The album is available on iTunes. But if you'd like a preview before purchasing, click here for the listening link.
(photo courtesy of Jake O'Neal)
I'm not big on technique and power when listening to voices. Whenever I listen to an artist for the first time, I look for qualities that make the voice different from everyone else's. Jake's voice possesses a distinct character that I can only guess comes from who he is, from what he went through. It's the right mix of smooth and raunchy, and it has that old rock feel to it that I like.

His music is just as distinct, making it, in every sense of the word, indie. Although I can speculate certain influences - I'm speculating The Beatles, Stone Temple Pilots, and maybe even a little Simon and Garfunkel (on "Out of Sight") - there's still something different in the overall arrangement that makes it original. It's a breath of fresh air from radio airwaves flooded by cookie cutter acts.

I hope he makes it big! Good luck, Jake! :)


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