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I've met a lot of people since I first started hanging out in Cyrano, and a number of them have actually become my good friends. Anna is one. She's a photographer, producer, television host, and super mom, and I like hanging out with her because she has the funniest stories. So when she invited me to an "ukay-ukay getaway," I immediately said yes!

Anna in one of her ukay finds
She knows about my love for (and my considerable prowess in) thrift shopping, which is why I served as the tour guide when we hit the streets of Cubao a month or so back. She organized the whole thing - I just had to meet them somewhere and take them to the best shops I know.
Chase + Saturday Night Fever
We only went to two shops because I had to rush to Makati to watch Nino Alejandro in Atlantis Productions' The Full Monty (he really bared it all, haha!). That, and we were already running low on funds because there were just too many wonderful things to buy! We were lucky that we visited the shop with a fresh batch of pre-loved treasures.
Anna's find
That red bag has skull studs! Too cool! :)
I scored quite a lot of loot, too! I got a nice bag that people mistake for an original Bottega Venetta for a mere Php200.00. It's actually not branded, but it is made of genuine Italian leather. I use it almost everyday now. I also got several skirts, tops, and dresses, one of which I already posted about last Monday.
Anna even did a photoshoot featuring her finds! :)
It was the first time I went ukay-ukay shopping with a big group; I usually go by myself. It's nice to have friends with you, because they can tell you if you look good in something or not. And they also help you find stuff, too! Anna, Jane, and Chase picked out some of the things I actually bought. I can't wait for my next ukay-ukay getaway with the ladies! :)


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