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Ever since I discovered the never-ending and cheap joys of ukay-ukay shopping, I've always made it a point to buy at least one cute skirt each trip. I love them because they're perfect for any weather. In the summer, they let my legs breathe. During the rainy season, I don't have to worry about it getting wet when I step on water puddles - it's easier to wipe off my legs than it is to dry out pants while I'm wearing them.

And if there's one thing I like more than cute skirts, it's cute skirts with pockets! My job requires me to never part with my mobile phone, so having somewhere to put it makes my life so much easier. The skirt below is my current favorite:

I got this for only Php85 from my favorite shop in Marikina (click here for the post with the store information). When I bought it, I actually didn't even realize that they had pockets, so that was definitely a nice bonus! It was two sizes too big for me, which is why I had it fixed by our neighborhood tailor for only Php30. I actually could have done it myself if I had a sewing machine, so maybe I should get one!

It's made of a nice, breezy fabric, so it flows when I move. And because they're not pants, I can definitely move around in it! It's not obvious in the photo, but it's a high-waist skirt, like most of the others I bought. These kinds of skirts pinch my waist enough to give me a nice shape. I paired this with a crisp black shirt and black ballet flats for work. And when the clock struck six, I was ready to go on a night out with my friends!


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