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I signed up for Fitness First membership in March 2012 in the hopes of putting on some pounds, and I did after four months of training. That's a good thing because I was underweight for the longest time, but it has its downside: I have a muffintop, which I'm trying to lose. In the mean time, however, I'm hiding my lovehandles through my clothes. Which is why  I grabbed this from the rack the moment I saw it:

Weight management of sorts
It actually has to be worn with a camisole underneath because the arm holes are oversized. I'm crazy, but not crazy enough to just randomly flash my boobs at people, haha! The fabric's a thin cotton, so layering is not a problem despite Philippine weather. The pockets are a nice touch, and quite handy, too. I bought this from the Katipunan ukay-ukay shop (click here for the post with the store information) for Php85.


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