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A little less than a year ago, I attended a party wearing a pink v-neck dress that showed off my (inadequate) cleavage. I don't usually wear v-neck because I don't really have enough breast matter to fill them out, so a friend of mine was surprised to see me in such a dress. He commented that although the outfit should be considered borderline slutty, I still managed to look wholesome in it because my breasts were just too small! Haha!

I was ukay-ukay shopping with my Cyrano friends in Cubao when I found this dark brown H&M dress on sale for a measly Php75 (if I remember correctly):
Wholesome, still!
It fit me like a glove, so I bought it without thinking twice. I wore this to work with a black blazer, and in the evening, I just took off the blazer and put on a little makeup and nude sky-high heels to go clubbing! (Yes, I still go to clubs, although I end up looking like a wallflower with a bottle of Stella Artois most of the time. Haha!)

The dress is made of 100% cotton, so it's actually very light and comfortable even if it looks dressy. I appreciate that it hides my tummy, and that it shows off just the right amount of leg. I agree with my friend - my flat chest makes the supposedly sexy outfit wholesome! 

STORE INFO: The shop is located in Cubao, Quezon City. From Taco Bell in Gateway Mall, walk towards the general direction of Farmers Plaza. The shop is right at that corner - no need to cross the street.

P.S. I don't usually take photos of myself in my ukay-ukay finds, which is why I took this photo from the neck down. I tried taking a picture of the dress sprawled on the bed, but it didn't do the dress justice. It's one of those things that had to be worn so you'd really appreciate the accents. 


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