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Having grown up with male cousins and a couple of uncles in the service, I've actually grown to become a bit of a tomboy. I like basketball, billiards, guns - activities that my mother considered inappropriate for her only daughter. Although I wear dresses almost everyday, and even makeup every now and then, I never completely outgrew my testosterone drives.

Ever since I read The Hunger Games Trilogy, I got interested in archery although I never really pursued it because I didn't know of any places where I could give it a try. Which is why when I heard that my former boss turned good friend Bob and his partners decided to put up an archery range, I got really excited!

The shop, located in the upper basement of Makati Cinema Square, is called Kodanda, which is Sanskrit for "he who has a bow."

It means something
Php500 gets you an hour of playtime, with free use of their gear and with an instructor to boot! I appreciate that all of their equipment are new, so I didn't feel shortchanged (like when I play billiards and the house cues in the pool hall are really sucky). The place is well-lit and well-ventilated, so it's comfortable to just hang there while waiting for your turn.
The bows
In gear
Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner, who played Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and Hawkeye in The Avengers, respectively, made archery look so easy, but let me tell you now that if you're a first-timer, you will really need instructions! Rona is their resident archery coach, and she really helped me at every step.
It's harder than you think!
Fighting Form
It's a tad harder than it looks. Posture is the most important thing and that's one of my challenges. The bowstring is firm, so you really have to exert effort to pull it back - that part I got covered (my arms are strong even if they're thin). Steady hands is a big factor, as well as good eyesight, neither of which I possess so I totally bombed it. Haha!
I didn't hit the bull's eye. Haha
I totally missed the target paper on my first two shots. If I were aiming for someone, it's the bystanders who would be in more danger than my target, haha! On my next two, I managed to hit the outermost ring of the target, so yay! Rona actually noticed that I had a problem with aim, because I was right-eye dominant (or something like that).

If you're ever in Makati Cinema Square, head on down to the upper basement to try archery! Kodanda is a really nice place, and I'm sure seasoned archers will like the experience as much as a newbie.


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