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Before I begin, let me just say that I am far from what you would call a yoga enthusiast. I only know six basic poses, which were featured on a spread in Seventeen Magazine. I don't even do them often, but when I do, I get an instant lift. Not just physically, but mentally and even emotionally. I guess I have Hipster Madonna to thank for popularizing this Hindu tradition in the modern era.

The Cobra - a favorite, because it alleviates lower back pain.
(photo from the internet)
Yoga is a good form of exercise (I'm sure no one will disagree). It increases your energy, strength and endurance, and it also helps you manage your weight. It improves your dexterity skills, your range of motion and flexibility, and your posture and balance. Various functions within your body (such as, but not limited to, respiratory, endocrine, excretory, and cardiovascular) also advances with yoga. And with that comes other benefits like decrease in glucose, sodium, and cholesterol, and increase in hemoglobin, lymphocyte count, serum protein, and even vitamin C.
You can modify the Lotus as needed.
(photo from the internet)
But there's so much more to yoga than the physiological and biochemical benefits. After all, yoga is not just about posing, it's about meditating. I wrote about meditation before (click here to read that post), but I don't think I was able to expound on the benefits. So let me enumerate: improvement in mood, learning efficiency, memory, concentration, symbol coding, depth perception, and even social skills, decrease in anxiety, depression, and hostility, increase in somatic and kinesthetic awareness, self-actualization, and self-acceptance.
The Tree - another favorite, for leg strength and balance.
(photo from the internet)
The bottom line is yoga is very good for your over-all well-being, and I am of the opinion that everyone should give it a shot. Some people are intimidated by yoga, and I understand and appreciate where they're coming from. I, for one, was afraid to try it before, but that magazine spread made it really easy for me. I may not have pursued it because I'm really more into running now (although yoga actually helps with that, too, so I should really do more), but every now and then, I do go back to my six basic poses.

You should try it! All you need is a mat (or even a carpet, but I don't recommend it for more complicated poses), comfortable clothes (not loose ones, though, your clothes should fit like second skin; or if you have a room to yourself, just strip down to your undies), and a quiet spot. There are basic workouts you can start with that are available online (click here for my personal favorite site), just be sure to follow the instructions carefully so you don't risk getting injured.

If you have the time and the resources, you might want to consider enrolling in a class. That way, you'll have a teacher who can actually guide you step-by-step, and can correct you immediately if you're not doing it right. There are a lot of yoga places all over the metro, so find the one nearest you and get started!

Have fun! :)


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