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I could hardly believe that I am alive, and that I am well enough to type this. I crossed the finish line at the 2013 adidas King of the Road after 2 hours and 40 minutes of alternately running and walking. Without any form of training in the last couple of months leading to the race, I'm quite lucky that I even survived. At the moment, almost every fiber of my being is screaming in pain. It's a good thing my brain and my hands are still intact, so I can write about my latest running adventure.

My biggest medal to date. 16.8K, baby!
The day before the race, I went to BGC with my friend and sort-of running buddy (I say sort of because he made me bite the dust, haha!) to load up on carbohydrates at iHop. He had a lot to do with my finishing the run alive, actually. Like my running coach, Peter, he forced me to control my food intake to prepare me for the race. I also slept over at his place, which is much nearer to the event venue than my Eastwood digs.
All in. Pink.
Anyway, come race day, we woke up, got dressed, and set off to BGC to accomplish my latest running goal, which is to conquer 16.8 kilometers. I was happy to wear my pink singlet! adidas KOTR was well-organized, which is something I really appreciate. Although I didn't have post-run hotel buffet breakfast, I still got a really good meal at the VIP Tent! And the freebies didn't hurt at all. :)
Where it all began. 
I was not ready for the race, but I don't have the power to turn back time so I just had to wing it. Let me now state for the record that "winging it" is only applicable to distances 10K and under. To be fair to myself, I didn't struggle with sidestitch, and despite my unsuccessful attempt at kicking my smoking habit, I was never short of breath throughout the race. I also didn't experience any joint pain because my shoes were properly broken in. I guess my mental preparation helped a bit.
View from the VIP Tent. NAKS
That does not mean I didn't have a hard time, because I did. My primary problem this time was the pain in my feet. When I hit the 10K mark, the extreme heat at my toes caused me a lot of pain, and at several points, I was really forced to stop. One of my toenails did not survive the race, so now I have to stay away from open-toed shoes and sandals for the next three months of my life. Sniff!
8,000 strong
Eight thousand runners joined this event, and I'm glad to be one of them. Right now, I'm thinking about trying a new sport for a change (maybe boxing), but I wouldn't mind joining adidas KOTR again next year. And if I do, I'll do things right then: I'll train and I'll eat right, and I'll buy shoes that won't hurt my feet. Maybe adidas Boost would be a good choice for me. :)

P.S. Shoutout to Trish and Drew of Green Bulb PR, and to JM, Mark, and Wills of Beyond Events, for an awesome job! You guys are the best! :)


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