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July 7 is fast approaching, and I am worried that I am not in the right condition for the adidas King of the Road (KOTR) event. I signed up for 16.8K, which I'm somewhat regretting right now. Just as I was about to start training, I got really sick because of the weather. I lost a couple of weeks to that. The run is this Sunday already, and I have a bad feeling that I will just end up walking after I hit the 10K mark.

My toughest race to date.
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But at the end of the day, what matters to me is that I finish the race, one way or another. I'm not in the race to win, and even if I were, I am not in good enough shape to achieve that. This is the first time I'm running 16.8K, so I don't have a personal record to beat just yet. I will set it at the adidas KOTR, and then I will try to beat it on my next run.
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Although I am totally missing out on training, I'm still trying to prepare myself for the race, starting with mental conditioning. I constantly tell myself that I can cover that distance. I drink lots and lots of water, and I also try to do some basic yoga at home. And hopefully, my schedule and the weather will permit me to run this week, at least for a few kilometers a day, so I could ease into running form somewhat before Sunday.

Wish me luck! :)


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