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So I guess by now, it's painfully obvious that I'm a huge fan of novelist Milan Kundera. His novel, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, became my personal bible throughout my college years. And when I started working, I made it a point to set aside money from my salary to collect all of his works.

I'm lucky because four of my nine books were gifts. My friend and roommate Pauline got me Farewell Waltz in April 2010, with a note on the inside cover saying "May we be friends till the end of time." I'm sure that we will be. :) 
Thank you, Pauline :)
Anyway, the book revolves around eight characters whose lives are intertwined in a proverbial dance. Farewell Waltz is incredibly light and entertaining, but at the same time somewhat heavy because of a brilliant plot that poses all the most serious questions about life in a modern world. 

This is a novel that philosophical thinkers will enjoy. If you're one of those people, grab a copy and a bottle of beer, kick off your shoes and put your feet up, and start reading. 


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