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Since we started collaborating musically without the rest of Familiar, Gershwin and I have been wanting to perform for an audience. We're not after the money; we just want to get our music out there. Our repertoire is 100% original (some of which are uploaded on Soundcloud), so of course it's a little difficult to land gigs. 

Making things harder is schedule. Since we're both employed, it's not easy to find time for rehearsals, and for gigs. Our group is actually composed of me, him, and Dawn. We tried to recruit Dan for percussions, but he's extremely busy with work, too, so he had to decline. In his place, we got Bhil, Gershwin's best friend. 

We landed a gig at the Bloggers United V event last June 1 at SMX Convention Center. I was actually sick on that day (as I have been on most days), but I couldn't bring myself to back out. We've waited long for that gig, and we practiced a number of times already, so I didn't want to throw it out the window. 
Gersh, moi, Dawnie, and Bhil
(photo from Ava Zabat)
It was our first performance, so naturally, we made mistakes that we laughed off afterwards. I struggled with the vocals, but overall, I have to say that it was a good gig because we got people to listen to our original music. We're all songwriters in the group, so we all had something to share with the audience. Except for Bhil, since he joined us only days before the gig. 

Our group is called Karma in Cans, which is something I thought of. For the record, I don't really subscribe to the belief in karmic retribution; I don't think people should do good because they're afraid of karma, but because it's the right thing. But I keep hearing people say that we should all be careful of what we say or do because karma's a bitch, and it comes instantly. 

Like instant food stored in packs. Or cans. Hence, Karma in Cans. Gershwin actually thought of Canned Karma to stick with the three-syllable rule for band names (a rule I've never heard of before, actually), and I was okay with it. But I was surprised when we were finally called on to play, and the name announced was Karma in Cans. 

I don't know when our next gig will be, but I sure hope we land another one within this year. We haven't decided yet if we want to do covers, but we most probably have to if we want to play in more places. If we ever do, we'll definitely be very selective of the songs we play. :) 


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