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For me, education is the one sure way to end the vicious cycle of poverty. I used to teach English grammar to public high school kids in Quezon City and Marikina through my org, Alay Ni Ignacio (ANI), and I've seen first-hand how education has changed the lives of my kids. A lot of my students are already working now, and I'm happy and proud to note that they're doing very well.

Whenever I think of how successful the kids have become, I grow more inclined to believe that there's hope for the Philippines. For this reason, I am really passionate about projects that aim to improve the public education system in the country. 
Music and macaroons
Apl de Ap = Larger than life!
One of these projects is Macaroons For A Cause, which aims to raise funds to build a public high school facility in Zamboanga. I was actually invited to the media launch last July 4 in Teatrino, which was aptly titled "In Tune for Education," because Macaroons For A Cause is the product of a harmonious collaboration among Red Ribbon Bakeshop, Foundation, and Franklin Baker. Witty, eh? :)
I learned that before he became the international pop icon that he is now, he was just a poor kid who has to commute for two hours each day just to get to school. He knows from personal experience that education is the only true ticket to a better life. This is why he's so passionate about helping marginalized Filipino youth gain access to education. 

The highlight of the launch was's three-song performance. I will admit that I wasn't a huge fan of his music because I'm really partial to genres like jazz and rock, but hearing him sing live totally blew me away! The guy's awesome!
Freebie! It's so delish!
After the event, I scored a pack of the macaroons, which I devoured with much gusto because they're just so delicious! It's a bit crunchy on the outside, but really soft on the inside, and the contrasting textures make it fun to eat. :) Anyway, with each purchase of a pack of macaroons, a portion of the sales proceeds will go to the Foundation to help build the school.

Macaroons For A Cause retails for Php50 per pack of 10 pieces. It's available in Red Ribbon Bakeshops nationwide. Dig in and help build a better Philippines through education! :)


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