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A couple of weeks back, I randomly decided to go to Il Ponticello in Salcedo Village, Makati to jam with Mike and his band. Mike is the guitarist I collaborated with for my Technocirque gig, and since that night, he's been inviting me to sing with them just for kicks. It took a while before I finally had the chance to do so. 
It hasn't changed much
(photo from the internet)
I used to go to Ponti quite often when I was in college, but after one particularly traumatic experience (which I cannot share here, haha!), I just stopped going altogether. That was about seven years ago, which means that for the past seven years, I've been deprived of my favorite coco lychee martini.
(photo from the internet)
So when I set foot in the place again, that was the first thing I ordered. Mike and his band have already started playing their first set, so I just took an empty couch. Their vast repertoire includes 90s rock, old school rock and roll and glam rock, and even more recent hits. They're very good, I enjoyed listening to them.

I was alone when I got there, as was Drev, another friend of Mike, so we ended up sharing a table. My friend Jerry, who lived near the area, followed and got there in time for my number. I sang Green-Tinted Sixties Mind by Mr. Big, and of course, I Remember You by Skid Row. I was really sick, so I bombed it, but I still had a great time!

After singing, I made a quick exit because I had work the following day. Haha! 


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