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Now that the city is becoming more and more like a rainforest with skyscrapers taking the place of actual trees, I'm keeping my jeans and pants at the back of my closet to make room for skirts at the front lines. I think I mentioned before that I prefer to wear skirts on rainy days, because it's easier to wipe off water from my calves than it is to dry soaked jeans I'm wearing.

So when I found this skirt hanging on a rack in one of my favorite Cubao ukay-ukay shops, I found this little treasure on sale for Php75:
Very flattering, eh? :)
It's mostly made of chiffon, although the lining is made of satin. The soft ruffles at the front make my hips look fuller, and that, in turn, makes my waist seem smaller. I love that the print is in black and white, because it goes quite well with most of the tops I own. I wore this to work with a plain white tank top and a crisp black blazer, and when I went drinking with my friends that same evening, I just took off the jacket and I was all set! :)

Click here for the post with the store information.


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