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We didn't really plan to go drinking that night; I was actually out with other friends when he called. He, too, had drinks with his friends. But he said he really needed to talk to me, so I couldn't say no. I knew that he was going through a lot, and I wanted to be there for him. I excused myself from the group and walked over to where he was. From there, we walked over to The Distillery, and he ordered Hoegaarden, while I had Stella Artois.  
I thank the Belgians for chocolate, and these beers.
(photo from the internet)
We only met a few months back through a friend, but we hit it off right away because we had a lot in common. He did the same crazy things I did when I was in high school and college, except that he did them a decade before me because he's ten years older. It was surprising and scary, but quite hilarious at the same time. He was the male version of me, and I was the female version of him. We often joke that we're fraternal twins from different mothers.

Since we met, we've hung out constantly. On most nights, it would be me, him, and the friend who introduced us, and he christened our trio "The Wild Bunch." And whenever we were together, without fail, he'd propose a toast to true friends. On some evenings, we'd go drinking with our other common friends, too. But there are certain times when it would be just the two of us having long conversations over beer, and then dancing to hip-hop music blaring from speakers. And even if The Wild Bunch was one person short, we'd still do the toast to true friends. 
My life turned into a cooler and funnier version of the sitcom Two Guys and a Girl.
But we're The Wild Bunch.
(photo from the internet)
Amidst the noise at The Distillery, we talked. He actually did most of the talking; after all, he called me because he needed an ear. He's at a proverbial fork in his professional life, and he said he needed help in making a decision. Honestly, I'm not sure if I was able to help him much in that department. I work in a completely different industry, so I don't really know what advice to give him. And I'm afraid to give advice because I might say the wrong thing.

The conversation wore on, and the topic shifted from his work struggles to his personal ones. He's in the process of getting rid of a bad habit, and so far, he's on track. When I told him I was proud of him, he said: "Sis, you saved me. Thank you." His words made me cry.

I had to put my Stella on the table so I could use both hands to wipe the tears off my eyes. I cried a little more when he said that whenever he felt that he was in a bad place, he would just call me and he'll be okay. He finds comfort in the fact that I always have his back; he said it's all he really needs at the end of the day. It helps that my schedule is relatively light, so I'm almost always available. 

After I managed to stop crying, and before we started dancing to hip-hop music, he told me to blog about what he claims I did for him, which is to "save" him. I don't know how I managed to do that, exactly. In the first place, I never explicitly told him to stop what he was doing, so from my perspective, I don't think I really had anything to do with his progress. But if he thinks I saved him, then I guess I may have done something right.
Down the road. By the way, that's not him in the photo. Haha!
Honestly, I'm not sure how we got to this point in our friendship, especially since we haven't known each other that long. But I guess he trusts me, and I trust him just as much. This isn't a one-way thing; he's helped me out a number of times, for which I am very grateful. I said earlier that he's a good guy, and I meant that. He's fiercely protective of me. He treats me like a little sister, and that's something I appreciate since I don't really see my own brother that often anymore.

Before we left the bar that evening, he made me promise two things: that I will take care of him, and that I will never lie to him. I nodded to say yes to both, and he promised me the same. To the best of my knowledge, he hasn't reverted to that bad habit, and again, I'm very, very proud of him. If my being around has anything to do with that, then I'm definitely not going anywhere. :)


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