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I stumbled upon a list of little lifestyle changes that anyone can easily adapt for a healthier life. It's written for a US audience, so some items there don't really apply to me. So here's my short version of the list, with a few edits of my own, of course:

1. Never leave the house without a water bottle.
Chug it!
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In the office, I consume about two liters of water throughout my nine-hour work day, and at home, I probably consume about a couple more. But for the in-betweens - the daily commute, the meetings, the errands - it's important to stay hydrated.

2. No processed foods, and no fast food!
For your own good
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This is basic! Processed foods and fast food are not good for your body, period. Even if you're not trying to lose weight, you should still avoid foods that are loaded with preservatives and saturated fats. Right now, I weigh 130 pounds, but it's all good weight because I gave up my food vices already. I'm heavy, but I don't look fat - and I know that because my clothes still fit.

3. Slather on sunscreen every single day.
Protect yourself!
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Even on cloudy days, we're still exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays when we leave the comfort of our homes. UV rays are among the primary causes of wrinkles, so if you want to stay young, don't forget to protect yourself through a generous goop of sunscreen before stepping out.

4. Drink your coffee black.
No frills
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Creamer and sugar and whipped cream are just added calories, so you need to learn to appreciate your coffee in its purest form. I've given up the blended coffee beverages months ago, and now I get my coffee fix before I even leave the house. So yeah, I cut down on my spending, too. :)

5. Eat more vegetables.
Have as much as you want
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Just like #2, this is basic. What I usually do is I steam and blanch a bunch of carrots, chayote, young corn, and broccoli, enough to last me a week, and I just re-heat on a per-meal basis. It's the perfect substitute for chips and for rice!

8. Exercise, exercise, exercise.
Do it!
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I try to work out as often as I could. I alternate different exercise routines like the 7-minute workout, yoga, P90X, running, and swimming. But my primary exercise is actually just walking. Instead of taking a jeepney or a bus, if my destination is less than 20 minutes away on foot, I take the opportunity to stretch my legs. I especially like walking after a heavy meal.

10. Stretch for about 5 minutes before sleeping.
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I don't know about you, but I have a hard time falling asleep when I'm stressed. Even when my body is exhausted, my mind just keeps me from getting my ZZZs. But since I started doing basic stretching exercises that relax both my mind and body before I hit the sack, I've been sleeping better than ever. And I have better mornings, too.

11. Get enough sleep.
Sweet dreams
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I cannot stress this enough.

And lastly, always, always be grateful and positive. Believe it or not, it helps keep you healthy.


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