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Last week, I shared Yellow, a poem that I wrote recently. It's a very short piece with, dare I say, a rather interesting back story.

It was around nine pm, and I was just home, reading Let It Blurt: The Life and Times of Lester Bangs, America's Greatest Rock Critic by Jim DeRogatis, when I got a text message from a dear friend. He said he needed to see me because he was going through something, so we agreed to meet for a couple of beers that very night.

When people say they're just going to have a couple of beers, that's usually a lie. Because not only did we end up drinking more than either of us can handle, we actually ended up closing the bar. That wasn't the first time, I'll admit. Sometimes, I find myself in awe at the sheer amount of alcohol we chug down when we're celebrating our successes or drowning out our failures.

Fast forward to the morning after, I woke up with a start, which is unusual for me after a night of heavy drinking. By nine in the morning, I was ready to go out and run errands, but before I did, I had to grab a pen and a sheet of paper to jot down the poem. It took me two minutes to finish it. Like I said, it's a very short piece, but what it lacked in length, it made up for in meaning - for me, at least.
The poem is a promise that I will remain his confidante, that I will be around if he needs me, because we are friends. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, and our shared appreciation of our strong albeit unusual bond is a tell that we are, in a way, each other's keeper.


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