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This is a very, very, VERY late post, and for that, I apologize.

Last May, I watched my favorite acoustic rocker and Cyrano friend Nino Alejandro strip down to his birthday suit on Atlantis Productions' The Full Monty. After the show, I joked that I will need hours and hours of therapy to get over the trauma, because I will never unsee the silhouette of his junk, haha!

I'm not really sure which came out first - the play or the movie - but I did see the movie first, when I was in college. Mark Addy, one of my favorite British actors (best known for his role as King Robert Barratheon on HBO's Game of Thrones), was in it, and he was absolutely hilarious! So when Nino announced he was going to be in it, I knew I just had to watch!

I saw this film, it's funny!
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The Full Monty is the story of a father struggling to provide for his family. He lost his factory job, along with five of his colleagues, and together they decided to put on a strip show for the women of their community to make money. Think Magic Mike, except that the guys have flabs for abs.

And oh, this one's actually heartwarming. It reminded me of my bond with my father, and how he worked his ass off when I was younger so he could provide for our family.
The movie was not a musical, so I was really curious about how they were going to make it work onstage. It's a pity that the production was on a limited run only, but I'm sure glad I caught it because it was just downright funny! Nino's Ethan was obviously my favorite, followed by OJ Mariano's Malcolm.

If you missed the play, I suggest you try to get a copy of the movie and watch that for now. We never know - there might be a reprise in the near future.


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