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Since I started hanging out with The Wild Bunch, my life has not only become a real, live sitcom, I've also been more exposed to kinds of music that I may have heard but never really appreciated before. I know I tend to be very restrictive of the stuff I listen to, because honestly, I don't really have the patience to sift through trash to uncover the ones worth hearing.
The Wild Bunch!
For the longest time, I've stayed within the confines of my rock and jazz bubble, and it's only now that I'm opening my ears to different things again. Granted, of course, that those different things have the stamp of approval from any one of the two boys of The Wild Bunch. I guess you could say that they're my music curators: AR for hiphop, and Jerry for house.
Uh huh
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It's not that I never heard hiphop and house before, because I did; I just didn't listen with intent or regularity. I'd hear the music because it's playing at an event or a club I'm in, but I never bothered to learn lyrics, titles, or artists. It's only now that I've learned to appreciate those genres on a less superficial level.
Not the doctor
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I've grown quite fond of their music as of late. I find myself singing to songs like No Woman No Cry (Fugees version), Gin and Juice, Clarity, City of Dreams, and plenty of other titles I never even thought I'd listen to, moreso appreciate. And I like to think that they've learned to appreciate my preferences, as well - but just to be clear, I'm talking about rock, not jazz.

They actually grew up to the rock songs that I like, so when I do play or sing them, the boys seem to regress a bit. Haha!


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