The hiatus is over, part two

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All the while I thought I had to choose one over the other - a corporate job instead of freelance, and vice versa - but as it turns out, I didn't have to. The Universe set everything up for me perfectly, and I am incredibly grateful.

Meet me halfway
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It's a little difficult to explain my work situation, so forgive me if you end up more confused about it after I try. I took a semi-corporate job (I coined that term). It's just like any other corporate job in the sense that I had to go to the office everyday to render my full eight hours, and I get paid every 15th and 30th of the month. I have a one-year contract. I'm not entitled to paid leaves or health insurance, and I have to personally pay the premiums to SSS, HDMF, and PHIC.

I also have to pay my own taxes, which, I'll admit, is a bit of a hassle. But that is an inconvenience that I embraced, because it's a step in the direction of my long-term goal of building my own business. Not only am I learning about taxation, I am now a registered sole proprietor enterprise, making my name a legal company name! (Segue: I considered registering under the company name Fat Bastard Think Tank, but I figured I'd save that for when my business needs to be incorporated.)

When I started with freelance writing and consultancy, one of my limitations was that I was that I was unable to issue official receipts to any of my clients. That was fine for a start-up, especially since most of my clients are my friends, but it prevented me from taking bigger jobs from bigger clients. The semi-corporate job forced me to legitimize my practice, which will allow me to bid for or accept projects from corporations that are not owned by my friends.

That's not something I can do right now because of the time I need to spend in the office, but I'm comforted by the fact that when my contract expires and I choose not to renew it, I'll be more than ready to go all-out freelance. For now, I just try to maximize my evenings and weekends by accepting small, easy-to-do jobs that add to my income.

Now that my situation has finally stabilized, I also have time to re-start my blog, and I'm more than happy to be back! :)


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