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I'm not a bag person. As a matter of fact, whenever I had to go somewhere fancy, I'd run to my then-roommate Pauline to borrow an appropriate purse. I don't own a single designer bag, and I'm not really thinking of getting one even if I did have the money to spare. But I do appreciate nice bags, and I would buy one if (1) I needed it, (2) it's big enough for my stuff, and (3) it's cheap. And this one met my criteria:

When I went ukay-ukay shopping in Cubao with Anna, Chase, and Jane, I scored this really nice Italian leather shoulder bag for only Php200. My friend Joco, a self-professed bag person, actually thought that it was an original Bottega Venetta when he saw me carrying it, but he knew it wasn't when I set it down on the grass. Haha!

Click here for the post with the store information.


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