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It goes without saying (but I'm going to say it anyway, haha!) that I am a cheapskate. I'm an absolute sucker for bargains, which is why I have pledged my eternal love for ukay-ukay. But good deals are not limited to thrift shops. In fact, there are plenty of steals right in the comfort of a shopping mall, if you know where to look.

Whenever I go to an SM mall, I never leave without stopping by Surplus. As the name implies, they sell surplus items (or factory overruns, as some people like to call it). The items here are a little bit pricier than the ukay-ukay, but for good reason - they're all brand spanking new. So if you have sensitive skin, or if you're allergic to stimuli commonly found in second-hand clothing, then this is a great place for you to score awesome finds.
Of all the things I bought from Surplus (which earned me a lot of points on my SM Advantage Card, by the way), the dress in the photo above is my absolute favorite. It's flowy and girly and quite flattering, and I got it for Php149.75. Why these malls still insist on Php0.75 instead of a full Php1.00, I will never really know.

Anyway, with a crisp blazer and a pair of pumps, it's good enough for the office. But with a pair of strappy sandals, it's perfect for a casual dinner with friends.


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