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After resigning from my public relations post, I had no idea what I was going to do next. I also had no idea how I was supposed to feed myself, since I didn't have any savings to live on until I found another job. Luckily for me, my former boss put up a business and he needed my help with marketing. It was a part-time gig that helped get me through a couple of months without a steady job, and I'm eternally grateful.

For the record, though, I just didn't do it for the money. On the sentimental side, I love my former boss like a father, so if I didn't need the income, I definitely would have done the job for free. On top of that, it was good practice for me as a marketer. I didn't have budget for promotions, so I had to resort to cost-free, online guerilla tactics to get the word out about the range. I'm happy to note that our efforts are working! :)

Yes naman!
Also, it is in doing this job that I got to do my first television interview! The show is called Practical Business, a cable program that airs on Global News Network. The host, Miguel, and his wife Iris, walked into the archery range just a week prior to the show's live taping, and they wanted to give us a 10-minute segment! It's free publicity so naturally, we said yes!

I went to the studio with Syd, one of the coaches of Kodanda. Since I wasn't exposed to archery prior to the opening of the range, I really wasn't equipped to handle the technical questions about the sport. I did, however, handle the business and marketing questions, and when I watched the show online, I think I did quite okay. Even the host quipped, "That was very well-said," after one of my responses. Haha!

The experience was nerve-racking, though. I was waving my hands all over the place while I talked because it was the only way to keep them from shaking! And when we were done, I was flooded with relief, and at the same time I felt rather drained. I think the adrenaline kicked in when the cameras started rolling.

After that, I had two more television interviews. Each time felt like the first! Being a writer, I'm really more of a behind-the-scenes person. But I guess I have to crawl out of my shell sooner or later, and handling marketing for Kodanda is really opening doors for me! :)


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