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I've been driving since I was fourteen, but I never quite got the hang of stick shift. All the family cars had automatic transmission (AT), so I didn't really have access to a vehicle with manual transmission (MT). Driving AT is like driving a bump car, so I guess I've known how to drive it since grade school. I just had to train myself to keep my eyes on the road and the mirrors, which took a few hours a day for a week to get used to.
I can do it!
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Fast forward to October 2013. It was a random Monday night; I delivered my gift to my twin brother in his office, because I had to pick up something from a place nearby. It was decided then that we were going to grab a few beers before he headed home. "A few beers" is always, always a lie with him, but since the following day was a holiday, I let him indulge. I on the other hand only had two bottles the whole night.

We started out in Trellis, and when they closed, we moved to Bugsy's. We had limited funds, and I left my wallet in the condo, so we had to control our orders (we almost ran short! Haha!). When we were out of beer, my twin brother still wanted to drink some more, so we decided to get the money from my condo. And then he had the brilliant idea to teach me how to drive stick. Naturally, I said yes!

It was exhilarating! I haven't been behind the wheel in years, and I really missed driving.

I will admit I struggled (a lot) with the third pedal, but I'm happy to note that I still had the touch when it came to handling the wheel and keeping my eyes on the road and the mirrors. We weren't in any danger, and we definitely weren't putting anyone in harm's way, either - there were very few other vehicles, and there were hardly any people around. Plus, I didn't go past 50kmph the whole time I was behind the wheel.

My first goal was to get us to the condo from Bugsy's, after which I drove around Salcedo Village in Makati, and then Bonifacio Global City. After enjoying a pint of beer in Draft, my twin brother let me drive us back to the condo. I took McKinley Road, and I crossed the EDSA and Ayala Avenue intersection, and then I was home.

I know that to most people, this experience isn't as exciting as, say, jumping off a cliff (link), but for me, it's one of the best things I've done as of late. So I'd like to say thank you to my twin brother for trusting me with his car, and for offering to teach me to drive stick! He's a very good instructor - he's very patient (he never once raised his voice), and he explains things in a way that's really easy to understand. :) Thanks, Kuya! :)


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