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I'm now a healthy 125 pounds - it's within the range of what's normal for my height and build, and I like how my clothes fit me now. I'm a bit pressured to maintain it, so I exercise regularly. However, there's more to weight management than just sweating it out; I have to be smart with my diet, and that is where I struggle. I may not be a foodie, but I definitely love to eat. Especially now that I've cut down on smoking significantly, my food cravings are stronger and more frequent than ever.

So I've decided to plan my meals. I don't really count calories (I know I should, but I'm too lazy for that). I also don't adhere to any special diet like Cohen or South Beach. I've cut down on processed food, but it's hard to get rid of it completely because organic food is quite expensive, and it's not always available in the grocery stores. I follow this simple rule: I reduce my food intake as the day progresses.
This will help, I promise.
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My breakfast can be as heavy as my heart desires, and I only stop when I'm stuffed silly. Haha! But seriously now, I usually go for a generous helping of carbs (wheat bread or white rice, or sometimes I make pancakes), protein (chicken or fish or eggs), a cup of brewed coffee (no more instant for me!), and a serving of fruit.

Lunch is a smaller version of breakfast, sans coffee. And throughout the day, when I get hungry, I reach for a pack of crackers, which I pair with a cup of hot tea. Dinner is optional; if I don't feel like I'm going to faint from hunger, I skip the meal altogether. But when I absolutely have to eat something, I go for yogurt, fruit, or cereal. Also, I try not to eat beyond 8pm. When I get used to that, I'll move the cut-off time to 7pm.

Aside from helping me manage my weight, planning my meals also saves me money. Since I bring food to work, I only have to spend Php24 to get my ass to and from the office. :)


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