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I stumbled upon an online article about the Seven-Minute Workout, which is all the rage in the exercise world right now. I got curious so I read more about it, and as I did, I grew more convinced that I should try it. It's simple enough in the sense that I don't need to invest in any equipment, except for a mat and a chair, both of which I already have. I downloaded a free guide, and I tried it for the first time a week ago.
It's not as easy as it looks.
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It's among the toughest workouts I've done as of late. The routine may be short, but it's crazy explosive. By the time I was doing the abdominal crunch, I was already sweating like a pig. By the time I got to the planks, I was close to giving up. It's a good thing I did the workout before I had anything to eat (and I only had half a glass of water when I woke up), because I'm sure I would have thrown up.

Since last week, I've done the routine only twice, so I can't personally vouch for its effectivity just yet. But after both workouts, I really did feel the burn. My muscles were a bit sore, especially after the first time, but I guess that's also because I haven't been exercising much lately. Maybe I need to do this consistently for about a month or two in order to really see and feel results.

I intend to do the 7-Minute Workout twice a week - on Tuesday and Thursday mornings - because one of the articles I read said that's all you need anyway. Besides, I have yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and on weekends, I run at least 5K or I do plyometrics (P90X). Yes, I'm back to where I was when I first signed up for gym; I suddenly got motivated to shape up. I'm trying to build better habits for a healthier life, so wish me luck! :)


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