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I didn't start reading Kundera until my college years. High school was a hodgepodge of whatever I could get my hands on, most of which are actually my mother's books. As a kid, though, I loved Nancy Drew Mysteries, and I devoured one book a week - borrowed from the school library, of course (I tried reading my cousin's Sweet Valley books and I just hated them, haha!).
My favorite story!
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If marijuana is the gateway drug, then Nancy Drew Mysteries were my gateway books. At the end of each volume, I felt a peculiar mix of accomplishment (because I read it from beginning to end) and discontent (because I wanted more) that got me hooked on the habit of reading. I've become a book addict ever since.

It's also through these books that I slowly trained myself in critical thinking. To the unfamiliar, Nancy Drew is a fictional amateur sleuth who tries to solve mysteries. After the first novel, I would try to figure out who the culprit was by gathering evidence and interpreting signs. Sometimes, I'd even beat the character to finding the bad guy!

Another benefit was that I grew my vocabulary with those short novels - when I encountered unfamiliar words, I would either look them up in the dictionary, or look for context clues. It's one of the things that shaped me to become a writer, so I guess I have author Carolyn Keene to thank for my career now.

What about you? What is/are your gateway book/s?


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