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I've been writing for a long time now, and just like most wordsmiths, I experience writer's block, too. I absolutely hate going through that creative dry spell, but when I'm stuck, I'm stuck, and there's really not much use b*tching about it. Luckily for me, I found this awesome infographic online designed by Islam Abudaoud outlining 29 ways to stay creative:
Best List EVER
(image from the internet)
I swear by every single item on this list! I'm a coffee addict, shower singer, obsessive list-maker and note-taker, so reading this list for the first time made me laugh! The things here don't just help me with my writing, they also help inspire me for my other creative endeavors. 

But I would have to add the following things on the list:

1. Take a walk, or
2. Run.
3. Read books.
4. Play an instrument (or pretend to).
5. Meditate, or
6. Do yoga.
7. Talk to a random stranger on the street. 

I hope this list (and my additions) help you out, too! :)


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